What's brewing


8-1-Forged house blend (MEDIUM)

A sweet and smooth medium-roasted coffee made with beans from Uganda and Tanzania

Smooth, Traditional, Full-Bodied

Blackbird (DARK)

A dark blend of traceable, sustainable coffees from Brazil and Colombia 

Velvety, Cocoa, Tobacco



RWANDA Mushonyi (Light)

a small microlot of naturally processed coffee with a nice chocolaty finish

Grape, Milk Chocolate, Candy

Rwanda Karambi (medium)

Smooth and rich-bodied with raisin, plum, and almond flavors

Milk Chocolate, Dark Fruit, Smooth



Flores island (Dark)

A wet-hulled processed coffee with classic Indonesian character

Tobacco, Dark Chocolate, Pine


A nice blend of South American, Indonesian, and African decaf coffees

Balanced, Medium-Bodied, Sweet

loose leaf teas

Earl Grey, Golden Bud, Golden Usmanthus, Wild Orange, Chocolate Mint