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8-1-Forged house blend (MEDIUM)

A sweet and smooth medium-roasted coffee made with beans from Uganda and Tanzania

Smooth, Traditional, Full-Bodied

Blackbird (DARK)

A dark blend of traceable, sustainable coffees from Brazil and Colombia 

Velvety, Cocoa, Tobacco



Uganda Rwenzori (Light)

A malty, naturally processed coffee from "the mountains of the moon"

Cocoa, Bread, Stonefruit

Malawi Peaberry Sable(medium)

A washed coffee with a fuller body and a clean, sweet finish.

Sweet, Cherry, Peach



Sulawesi Island (Dark)

Grown on a particularly remote part of the island, this coffee drinks like a Sumatra with an extra layer of flavor

Sweet Molasses, Tobacco, Black Pepper

Decaf PERU (Dark)

With chocolate undertones, this coffee is processed without chemicals to 99.9% decaffeinated

Smooth, Citrus, Dark Chocolate

loose leaf  teas

Earl Grey, Cupcake, Mango Green, Wild Orange, Raspberry


Turmeric-Citrus, Black



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401 State Street
Erie, PA 16501

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M–F 7a-7p
Sa 8a-7p / Su 8a-3p 



About Ember+FORGE

Ember+Forge was founded with the purpose of creating a space to build community, connect, and share ideas over high-quality coffee locally-roasted by Happy Mug Coffee in Edinboro, PA. Customers are encouraged not to just come in for coffee, but to also create dialog with their neighbors and friends. Ember+Forge aims to grow as the hub of the downtown community.

The building's history as a chandlery, a place where candles were made and sold, forms the "ember" in the shop’s name, while the city's history in manufacturing forms the "forge.” There is a deeper meaning to Ember+Forge - the City of Erie is currently an ember – a fire that has been left to fade, but can be easily turned back into a roaring fire. To do so, we must all forge ahead towards a new and flourishing Erie. Ember+Forge plays a key role in this movement.





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